Valves Inc. 

rebuilds, fabricates and modifies all types of valves and related industrial products. 

About Us

We have served the steel industry since 1962

We pride ourselves on not just being industry leaders but technological innovators by providing a comprehensive array of valve-related services. Rebuilding, fabricating and modifying all types of valves, valve components and related equipment. Valves Inc serves steel mills, coke plants, gas and electric power plants, water treatment plants, sewer plants, chemical, and refineries.


Thermal Expansion Goggle Valve

How Valves Inc. Works

Valves Inc. has a complete line of valves in stock and refurbished. When emergencies happen, it’s nice to know Valves Inc. will be there to help solve your problem!
valves steel technician welder


Specializing in Custom Fabrication and Valve Repair

Valves Inc. employs experienced valve service technicians that can diagnose and perform industrial valve repair of virtually all types and sizes including goggle valves all types, gate, globe, check & ball valves, chimney valves, back draft valves, cold blast and butterfly valves.

A wide variety of products and services are available at our facility. Valve Repair/Valve Fabrication. Actuator Repair/Replacement. Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic, API Specs 598 or customer specific) Machining, Welding, Valve Fitting and Sand Blasting (Steel Shot)

Our Warranty

Valves Inc. warrants any valve reconditioned to be free from material defects in workmanship and material. If any valve reconditioned by Valves Inc. proves defective in one year from date of invoice and it is determined that faulty workmanship performed or material furnished by us is involved, adjustment will be made promptly. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to making good the item which proved defective. Under no circumstances will we be obligated to allow claims for any damage, loss of time, etc. resulting from a defective valve.

We recondition and modify all types industrial valves.
Some brands include, but not limited to, Chapman, Ludlow, Donkin, Raco, Keystone, Nibco, Jamesbury, Koppers, Walworth

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