Valves are as important to us as they are to you!

Our guaranteed work, quick response time and attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors. Our shop capabilities provide a broad range of valves are made available to our industrial businesses, steel plants, public utilities and other refineries. We specialize in all types of industrial valves, goggle valves and double disc gate valves.

Chimney Valves, Industrial

Mushroom Type Hot Blast Valve

Mushroom Valve, Industrial

Chimney Valve

Mechanical Goggle Valve, Industrial

Mechanical Goggle Valve

sizes 30X24 through 84X72

Hydrualic Expansion Goggle Valve, Industrial

Hydraulic Expansion Goggle Valve

sizes 60X48 through 108X96

Thermal Expansion Goggle Valve, Industrial

Thermal Expansion Goggle Valve Sizes 60X48 through 108X96

Chapman Double Disc Gate Valve, Industrial

Chapman Double
Disc Gate Valve

Back Draft Valve, Industrial

Back Draft Valve

Butterfly Valve, Industrial

Butterfly Valve

Burner Valve, Industrial

Burner Valve

Blow Off Valve, Industrial

Blow Off Valve

Coffee Pot Bleeder, Industrial

Bleeder Valve

Mixer Valve, Industrial

Mixer Valve

Gate Valve, Industrial

Gate Valve

 Gate valve sizes 1/2″ through 72″

Additional Valves We Work On

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